Friday, September 30, 2011

.:: project for urban planning 1st year students ::.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang..
since i'm here, this is my first time updating about my project in Urban and Regional Planning..this is a group work. it needs our full commitment, sacrifice our sleep time, always do discussion with group-mates and also sacrifice our money. it is not easy to be a planner student :)

okay, last week we got a new project to be done. lecturers ask us to do site visit at place around Selangor which is Taman Melati area. unfortunately, one of our lecturer is a resident at Taman Melati. so, we can't cheat or 'goreng2' about the info..ohh, mankind...:p

-interviewing represent of the residents-

my group got an interesting topic which was about PUBLIC FACILITIES and UTILITIES. we have to survey and do research about the issues, problems and potentials at that place. sounds like an easy job, isn't?  nope! it's quite tough for us, but we've tried our chose the best one! hehe :)

-example of high cost housing area-

-PPR housing area-

-low cost housing area-

=> the facilities that are provided at this residential area as follows ;

ISSUES on ; 1) insufficient of parking lot in residential area.

The PROBLEM is ;
-parking at the hazardous area-

-parking in the court? ish3,, it should not be happened laa-

ISSUES 2- garbage disposal

the PROBLEM is;

there are many side effects can be happened such as pollution and diseases.
1) in my opinion, government should be more strict for those who are doing the garbage disposal. 
-enforcement law.
2) provide more parking lots for residents use.

sO, i think that's all about our project. this survey and research will be presented to our beloved lecturers..
hopefully, we will get great marks for this project. ameen :)
hey, the time shows 3.55 a.m already..!!
so, what are u waiting for? jOm tido..
k, wassalam........ :))

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

..: taaruf week '11 terbaeekkk :..

assalamualaikum..(tak jawab dosa hehee )okey, nampak tajuk nya?? taaruf week terbaek? memang terbaekk laa..siyes ni citer.

maaf banyak3 (banyak lagi ) sebab aku tak sempat nak update sal taaruf week ari tu.
maklum laa, warga uia yg baru la katakan. internet tak sempat nak register pn lagi (skrg pon belum register lagi haha)

okey la, aku da speechless nak citer. so, korang layan je la pictures yang aku snap kat bawah ni ye..laayyaaaan..>>

~jOm nyanyi same2~
sO, mcmana ? puas hati tengOk gambar? nak uplOad banyak lagi sebenarnya tp kena tunggu lamaaaaa sangat..xpe laa, ni pon dah cukup kn?
okey la, kpd junior2 ku sekalian, akak ucapkan selamat datang ke IIUM @ UIAM terchenta ni.
kalo jumpa akak tu tegur2 la ye..
okay, that's all from me..
wassalam.. :)